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E-commerce to ...
2012-12-04 09:17:28

E-commerce to help you take off

Even in the shadow of financial crisis, the network of trade in just to pull down a curtain, or very active. Office based on business data, a Fair visited the site a total of 55,976,000 times more than the previous 4.6% increase over the same period, on-line accumulated 340 million U.S. dollars turnover intention. Following capture"spray" to see if e-commerce in particular the power of the outbreak period.

Won big orders online

Fu energy companies in Jiangsu, is the manufacturer of solar energy products, the first time to participate in Canton Fair, the second day of gains on the "windfall" of more than 100 million large orders, customers are "Fair-line" brought about. Why is there such a good thing? In fact, Wah Fu in membership on April 15 after the catalog number of soon to be placed on the Library "Internet Fair" Featured Member information shelf products, coincides with the second day of a business to find similar products in Nigeria, the staff immediately led to the deal. Customers are professionals in Nigeria to do a large-scale government projects project contracting group, has also made an appointment to April 22 factories, which means that there is more behind the single-trial ... ...

Not only that, but also to further tap the network function, they "KEY WORDS" in the "" Internet Fair "will search for a buyer, through the EMAIL contact with customers, attracted many customers. One of two Ukrainian businessmen to stand before and after the second also brought the whole team, so that Shenzhen has to hurry back to the company's technology director, the results also signed orders for 300,000 U.S. dollars. another Nepalese businessmen are for two nights to negotiate with the company and invited the company to Local set up factories.

Fu said in the manager to begin the effect is also concerned about the exhibitors, but e-commerce power, constant surprises, the only regret is directory with too little, too small booth.

Trade attracted merchants come together

Portuguese merchants Eliza from this "" Fair-line "provided by" trade matching "benefited. Eliza English not so good, it is necessary to find at the" bilateral CNC milling machine glass straight-line "products, he did not understand English name, with the English dictionary to carry over to turn to. staff provide him with the basis of the description and picture of the machine, will take a lot of twists and turns finally found the product and to Jiangsu, a new era of the two corporations trade booth together. in which a business has been the intention of orders, Eliza said, did not expect the use of e-commerce, make so much more efficient procurement.

It is learned that the Canton Fair now has a pass-commerce, BEST buyers, exhibitors Czech three easy electronic platform, the official website of 11 languages, throughout the year about 17 million visits, the annual 430 million ultra-clicks times, during the trade fair super-peak date 6,000,000 clicks. Each year to attract buyers concerned about trade with China more than 50 million people. This is also the new "stand-oriented area," "corporate video broadcast Room" and "Office of e-business negotiations," such as e-commerce services, urged the business transaction.

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