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2012-12-04 09:16:57

Outreach services platform up the charm

The impact of financial crisis is still spreading down the world economy, international trade shrink and fall of China's foreign trade and the Canton Fair set 52 and blowing with the foreign trade, "a total of grams of the hard times," the clarion call: overseas investment went to make greater efforts in the breeze , let burdens for participating businesses ... ... and this one, overall improvement in service is the main theme.

Outreach is also taking advantage of global business around the timing of the exhibition hall to provide the venue free of charge and related service organizations to assist the trade promotion activities, for buyers outside the meeting to build a platform for the exchange to demonstrate the charm of Canton Fair service.
During the just-concluded the first period, the Outreach Department and the Hong Kong Economic Times, respectively, to organize the "Canton Fair - the road leading to the foreign market, the financial tsunami of the U.S. market," the symposium to assist the Australian Consulate General in Guangzhou and the Australian Trade Commission, India IN ORBIT travel agents, the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs, investing in the development of Sino-Pakistani Trade Center, Malaysia Malaysia-China economic and trade centers, organized activities. Activities to the free exchange of manner, to the participants to promote industry and foreign market dynamics and product advantages, such as up-to-date market information, encourage more domestic and foreign trade enterprises to develop exchanges and business contacts to promote the bilateral trade exchanges, highlights the Canton Fair as a platform for international information.
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