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New products...
2012-12-04 09:16:10

New products, new look, new image shows business strength

Tianjin to attend the Canton Fair has brought the Group profit and new products, new look, a new image.

The company's metal insulation board last year by the launch, that is favored by customers with Turkey, year-round agency agreement signed between Russia on the basis of the commodity this year has been designed to improve and increase the value of the products, at the current Fair , but also by the pursuit of many foreign businessmen.

Tianjin Tailai Group Co., Ltd. imports and exports of flowers produced each year are bright spots on the Canton Fair, after the financial crisis, the company stepped up the development of new products, from November 2008 to prepare for the beginning of this year's sample, of which 50 % of species are new; Fair debut in the current development of new green plants, Christmas decorations, wedding jewelry products, attracted a large number of customers in Europe and America and the Middle East, opened just two days to reach the intention of the order more than double digits.

Exhibitor personnel are forced to carefully selected elite, after the opening of all the participating staff to the spirit of good appearance, proper dress generous appearance, excellent business ability, negotiating skills and language, access to customers. The company deliberately sent two ceremonial staff, with the ushering in of the task sent to customers who are attracted by the warm service.

A district in the Canton Hall on the 2nd floor, 2 appliances, kitchen meals area, Tianjin Lee Wright Group Import and Export Co., Ltd. and the dinner special fitted kitchen appliances, especially eye-catching booths, open all the eight booths, take the second floor of the design, 6-meter-high Booth magnificent, translucent light and spacious, high-tech technology and equipment layout of the icing on the cake booth. No matter whether it is composed of 25 small-screen "big TV", or in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games did not see the LED "dragon", both in profits and groups in the booth to the "sound, light, electricity "the perfect combination to become a major area within the bright spot.

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