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2012-12-04 09:15:41


Look at market trends through the Fair

105th Canton Fair will run more than half of the second phase, to be business momentum remains unabated, a growing number of enterprises show full confidence.

Chamber of Commerce, according to light-depth understanding of staff, the vast majority of enterprises believe that the Canton Fair to be the current number of customers better than expected, better than the last. Hangzhou, a business the first day of outdoor supplies and 360 businessmen to discuss the next day to negotiate with the 300. Shandong, a glass will be business-to-two to the number of customers are compared: the first day of the last 80 customers to receive the next day 110, the first day of the current 90, 120 the next day. Enterprises to meet new customers accounted for 7% -50% range. Traditional European and American clients to be better than the last, emerging market customers to be more prominent, from the Middle East and India, growth in the number of customers more.

On orders, businesses mean that the previous single long, large, single to short more than a single, small one, mainly due to market demand than the current international downturn, customers judge the poor economic situation during the year, and since the demand for second half of last year have fallen sharply, customers have inventory. Some enterprises have done a full pre-preparation, a careful analysis of customer markets, product lines adjusted to make our products more suitable for emerging markets, so an increase in the amount of signing.

Many exhibitors believe that the recent export of the Government to continue to stimulate economic growth as an important component of the introduction of a series of policies to encourage exports, raised the export tax rebate rate of labor-intensive products. In addition, the RMB exchange rate stability, lower bulk raw materials prices, product companies are more competitive in price, and exports out of the bottom end of the year with confidence.

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